Emirates Consolidated Investments consistently focused on elevating our client’s value by providing insightful advisory and fundraising services at the highest level based on a global intelligence network and a world-class team of professionals.

Developers in Energy & Infrastructure

Our firm assists privately held companies and project developers with their financial advisory needs. We understand the personal and emotional investments that business owners have in their ventures and that the decision whether or not to pursue a liquidity event is a critical moment for the business as well as a professional. Choosing right is essential. We work hard to become our client’s most trusted advisor and accompany them through their decision-making process ensuring a smooth and successful transaction building value the whole way.

Technology and Service Companies

We represent technology companies of all sizes, worldwide. We advise large companies on the divestiture of their non‐core operations and assist middle‐market companies with growth capital raising, merger, and acquisition advisory, exclusive sell mandates and buy side advisory.

Financial Investors

We regularly identify investment opportunities and provide advisory services for financial investors. Our innovative solutions, industry concentrations and global relationships with key decision makers allow us to execute successful transactions and deliver positive results.

Audit & Assurance

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Independent Minds

As a private and independent firm we are not distracted by a quarterly earnings mind set nor do we favor one technology or investor over another. We make business decisions aimed at benefiting our clients and creating value for them.
Our highest priority is helping Developers and Companies reach their financial goals. We provide unbiased advice from a domain expertise perspective and we add value by creating highly personalized solutions to our clients

Innovative Solutions

We know that in fast moving industries and emerging markets to stand still is to be left behind. That is why we continuously evolve and innovate. Our clients know that they can rely on us not only for help in addressing their current financial needs, but also remain a valuable partner as situations change. We anticipate and prepare for the future needs of our clients by actively seeking new ideas and using proven strategies to improve results

Global Presence

Emirates Consolidated Investments is headquartered in Dubai, one of the most innovative centers in the world when it comes to Fixed Income Trading. We have offices around the world on which we draw on our expert investment bankers who have advised clients on a multitude of transactions across a variety of technologies and industries. And with strategic initiatives in Europe, Latin America and Asia as well as North America we are well equipped to handle our clients cross‐border deals.